Helping Sick Children: Our Schedule for Kenya

We are back in Kenya now.  Our team consists of Charlie and Cathie Schmelzenbach, Leonard Ball, Vern Miller and Noreen Sullivan.  We have a big agenda and hope to accomplish a great deal on this trip.

We will be at Archer’s Post on Monday, Oct 25, to Friday Oct 29.  we will be in Lake Nukuru for nights of Oct  30, 31.  We depart for Nairobi on November 1, and from Nov 2 through Nov 8 we will visit a tea business.  On Nov 8 we take our return flight from Amsterdam.

While in Archer’s Post, along with building tables and chairs for the school, I will be playing nurse by examining their 134 pre school children.  We also want to do some explorative discussions regarding music camps. We were told that people have already begun walking from the bush because they have heard we are coming.  I know I will be going out into some of the huts with Paul to visit some of the ill in his congregation.
In order to keep the team safe we have to commute to our hotel each night over some dangerous roads, and since we don’t want to be caught in the dark we have to shorten our work days.
Please keep us in your thoughts as we go to see the children in Kibera, St. Paul’s and Archer’s Post and as we work to create a little better life for those few we touch

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