Upcoming Kenya Trip to Provide Food, Health Care to Children

​Well, we’re making our final preparations for our October 20th trip to Kenya.  There are about 8 or 10 of us and we’ve got our tickets, hotel reservations and plenty of enthusiasm.

​We’ll be visiting the orphanage Covenant Children, Inc. supports in Rongai, just outside of Nairobi, where we’ll be bringing books (including a children’s encyclopedia) and clothing.  Of course, there’ll also be food to buy for the ever increasing number of kids our friend Margaret Mbote looks after, and some maintenance we help with at the site.  But this year, our musician friend Vern Miller will be joining us to conduct a brief music camp, so we’ll also have with us some instruments for the kids. These music camps have been stunningly successful for Covenant Children, Inc. in South Africa and we expect it to be equally rewarding at St. Paul’s.

​From there, we’ll be going to Archer’s Post, where Jennifer and Paul Okello are running a preschool for some 130 kids.  In addition to bringing them food, books (there is currently one book shared among the whole school) and clothes, we’ll be doing some manual labor, purchasing the lumber and helping to construct tables and benches where the kids can eat and study under an awning to protect them from the sun.

​Finally, we are tentatively scheduled to meet with Prime Minister Odinga and his wife to tour with them through Kabira, the 1.5 million inhabitant slum in the middle of Nairobi.  The Odingas have pledged to support improvements to this unbelievable habitat (about the size of Phoenix, Arizona) that exists without running water, electricity or any other utilities in the heart of its nation’s capital and Covenant Children, Inc. will be exploring with the Odingas ways to effect positive change there.

​Our experience with arranging medical care for the children in Haiti has prompted us to formalize our health care endeavors into something we are calling “Operation Healing Hands.”  We are defining it as we go, but we know it’s a crying need and every hungry child is also without access to any kind of health care.  We’ll keep you posted.

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