December 2010 Lamp Newsletter

Our special thanks this Lamp issue to our guest writers; Andrew Blumenthal, Vern Miller, Mike Steinel and Noreen Sullivan and to our photographers Charlie and Cathie Schmelzenbach and Andrew Blumenthal.

We also want to thank Beverly Hoch for her fund raising concert and the endless hours she donated to provide resources for Instruments of Change. Thanks to the Hoch-Steinels, for hosting Leighton Pinetown at their home in Denton, Texas for seventeen days and Dr. Karen Webb for providing medicines for Archer’s Post.

In addition we thank the Soldotna, Alaska Montessori School and the Montvale, New Jersey Public Library for the donation of hundreds of books.

Thanks to the Church of the Nazarene Kenya Mission and the Schmelzenbach’s for help with arrangements and affordable housing during our trip.

As always our thanks to Mission Tours and Travel and Elias and Perpetual Mugabi for their conscientious and professional transport services.

We say “a job well done” to our travel team, Norren Sullivan, Vern Miller, Leonard Ball, adn Charlie and Cathie Schmelzenbach along with multiplied thanks and love.

Thanks to Charlie for turning a tree into a table and providing an ingenious template so everyone could participate in the construction.

– Ardith and Andy Blumenthal

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