Scholarship Fund for Boy in Samburu, Kenya

Covenant Children, Inc. has created a scholarship fund so that Daniel (last name withheld for his privacy) will be able to complete a four year degree program at African Nazarene University in Rongai, Kenya.  We are honored to support this young man’s vision and we’re confident his success will be multiplied and reflected many times throughout the region.  Here’s why:

On our recent trip to Kenya, we spent considerable time in Archer’s Post and, even further into the bush, in Samburu.  Of the many wonderful people we met, the most outstanding was Daniel, a 26 year old young man, tri-lingual in Swahili, English and Samburu, who will be finishing his twelve year commitment to the Kenyan military in two years.  Daniel took time off from his military duties – and his new wife – to help us, first at Archer’s Post and then in Samburu.  Here’s how:

We brought some minimal medical supplies to Archer’s Post, anticipating that we’d leave them with Paul and Jennifer Okello, who run the preschool Covenant Children, Inc. supports there.  But when we arrived, we were told that, when the people heard we were bringing medical supplies, they came from all over the region.  One of us with some medical training was set in a tiny, cinder block room with Daniel as her interpreter, to see the few people we were told to expect.  Over 200 people came to see us over the course of three days!  Men, women, children, most of whom spoke virtually no English and had never experienced any health care showed up, were eager to confide the most intimate information about there conditions, through Daniel.

So Daniel first asked the patient for his or her (or his or her child’s) symptoms and healthcare history, then relayed that to us, then explained the examination procedure, the diagnosis and then the treatment protocol, to 200 patients who had absolutely no idea what healthcare is.  In Swahili, or in Samburu (and always in English to us).  Throughout this process, Daniel never faltered: he handled the most intimate questions and responses with a maturity, understanding, compassion and diplomacy that would have been extraordinary in a trained social worker, not just a young man called on for the first time.

After three days at Archer’s Post we moved farther north, to Samburu, where we
traveled off road, by foot, to visit a series of small villages where we were asked to examine some children.  Daniel accompanied us, as guide (he is a Samburu), interpreter, liaison and advisor.  Again, he never faltered, explaining in advance the appropriate customs and behavior needed for us to be accepted and smoothing the way for us to do the maximum good.

When we returned to Archer’s Post, we had an opportunity to discuss at length with Daniel what he envisioned for his future, after he’s completed his military service.  His dream was to obtain a teaching degree but he’d already “done the math” and realized sadly that tuition would be beyond his means.  We discussed the situation among ourselves and then with one of the deans at African Nazarene University, reviewing in detail what the costs of a four year program would be as well as whether Daniel could meet the university’s stringent entrance requirements.  The first question concerning the entrance requirements was an easy yes: Daniel’s secondary school grades and diplomas meet or exceed all ANU’s requirements.  As to the cost of his education, although well beyond Daniel’s means, given that Daniel won’t be able to begin his studies until his military commitment ends in two more years, in actuality the expenses would be achievable by modest annual contributions beginning immediately and that’s why we have instituted this scholarship fund.

Covenant Children, Inc. believes one outstanding individual like Daniel, dedicated to the betterment of his nation and prepared with a first class education, can make a disproportionately huge difference in the lives and prospects for Kenya, and that’s why we are supporting the dream of this young man.  If you are interested in supporting him, please note that on your donations; Covenant Children, Inc. has a separate account for his tuition and your donation will be tax deductible.

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